Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Are the handicapped ever happy? I should probably start by saying that I work with the public.  A LOT.

I'm one of those people that when you go to an amusement park, you yell at cause something goes wrong, and its clearly my fault.  

Assholes. anyhow.  

The other day...I was taking a group with a wheelchair up in a elevator...cause you know,I work at at theater and we try to accomdate...EVERYONE!!!! don't get me wrong, its cool and can't do a lot of stairs...fine...whatever. it was a 101 stair climb after all....

okay...sorry rambling. Anyway...there's this lady in her wheelchair, in the elevator with her kids and she looks at me adn says "you should really make a wheelchair ramp..." give you a idea of the height.....its a 101 stair climb to the top of our theater...where she insisted on sitting.....101 stairs...for those of you who aren't getting this...the average gentle incline wheelchair ramp covers 5 steps...10 if you start a yard or two back from the building....

This lady for some reason just could not do the basic math.....101 stair climb= making a wheelchair ramp that starts a half mile back in our parking lot...and some poor bastard in your group pushing you for a half mile....seems kinda cruel, doesn't it?

Anyhow...look, lady...I'm taking you up in the stairs!- you shutting the fuck up and enjoying the stupid music....

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