Monday, August 3, 2009

My Random Day yesterday...

alright, so first off, Darian and Kristy will be the only ones who get this joke, but....

"I hate your camera, Joe!"

LOL. okay. So look, yesterday here's what happened, Joe...*glare* got a new camera. I'm so very happy it has a few billion lens settings and whatnot, but you are real annoying with it.  I'm not kidding. This is the first and last time I do a sitting with you....I did enough for three years, I'm not doing it AGAIN. Try to get Lor to do it next time. 

so for those of you who don't know me....I used to model....once upon a time and I got out of it quickly because I realized one thing....I don't like sitting still....besides....I think I laughed at one too many photographers who told me to "look like a tree" or "hold the sexy in your eyes."  sorry...can't do it...I laugh. was a long day of sitting in front of Joe's camera....well...only two hours, but it felt like way too long. But on the plus side I got one good picture out of it.  I don't like my eyebrows...I need to change that, but of well.  Hope you like the pic.


  1. Great stuff. I'm going to use the "look like a tree" or "hold the sexy in your eyes " next time I focus in on one of my New York City street subjects....replies will be priceless I'm sure LOL

  2. First Follower ?? I rock !! No, actually YOU ROCK and I'm just a groupie now.